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Guest wrote:

I'm trying to exclude a file from my project (a .gitignore file) but it always shows up in the project tree. Am I doing something wrong? The exact filename is in the Ignored Files settings.



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Hi Matt,

I don't think this is a Windows issue, as I have both PyCharn 1.5.4 plus the latest 2.0 Beta running on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and am successfully ignoring lots of file --- though I am doing patterns not explicit filenames.

Basically all I did was go to File \ Settings \ IDE Settings \ File Types and append a couple more patterns to the default pattern.

So I had this:


And I changed it to this:


Explicitly listing a file should work (unless you have a typo :-) )  but perhaps appending either the *.gitignore; or .gitignor* pattern will solve your problem?

By the way, the link you posted dead ends for me and the image references does not render --- so it is hard to know exactly what you entered!



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Wow, somehow I made a double-post.  This edit should make things cleaner.


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