Hello Phoebe,

There is no way to turn off specifically the popups. You can turn off the

inspection that produces the popups, or suppress it if it's not relevant

in a specific case.

Note that, in order to be more productive in PyCharm, it's a good idea to

use the keyboard as much as possible, rather than clicking on things.

How can I turn these warning popups off?  I know I managed to do it in

an earlier version of PyCharm but I'm using the 2.0 Beta and for me

they are irritating being in the way of what I want to click on.

Image:Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 18.40.27.png


Dmitry Jemerov

Development Lead

JetBrains, Inc.


"Develop with Pleasure!"


Dmitry ,

Thanks for the very prompt response.  I've found the inspections part of the settings and can work it out from there.

Best wishes,



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