PyCharm, y u no see the Django staticfiles module?

I'm currently evaluating PyCharm in trial mode (short version: I love it). Just upgraded to version 2.0 and am getting a strange and fatal error message when running the Django development server:

'Error: No module named staticfiles'

Clear enough, but the strange part is that I definitely have the staticfiles module included and none of the other contrib modules referenced in my are throwing this error (see screenshot).

I should note that this was working before I upgraded to 2.0. Thanks for any and all suggestions, clues, etc.



Just wanted to add that this problem also exists on new projects created since the upgrade to PyCharm 2.0, not just on the imported project from the previous version.


So basically, I can't create any new Django projects with PyCharm at this point. Sad about this as I think it's a great application in general, and was planning to buy it when my trial expires.... now I'm not so sure.


FWIW, I submitted a bug report for this @

I'm still open to the possibility (likelihood?) of User Error, but just wanted to cover all the bases.


OK. I think this may not actually be a bug. It seems as though the default python version for Django projects was set to 3.2.2 (which I also do have on my system). I Setting that to 2.7.2 (into which Django is actually installed) makes it possible to create and run new Django projects. Now there is one strange bit left: I opened up an existing Django app (created outside of PyCharm, and it runs fine, even though the External Libraries tree shows only Python 3.2.2....

Also, I can run Django applications from the Windows command line with no problem. SO my PyCharm config is definitely messed up.... User Error is seeming more and more likely....


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