"open directory" unexpected behavior in PyCharm 2.0.1

Hi all,

I saw this once in a pre-2.0 release, but it's popped up again in 2.0, and then again after an upgrade to 2.0.1 (on OS X Lion)

What happens is this:

I have a git clone that's never been opened in PyCharm.

I use the File->Open Directory dialog to open the top-level git repo directory.

After it opens this directory, there are a lot of strange behaviors, among them:

  • The 'Project' listing doesn't show any subdirectories. It shows my .gitignore and setup.py, and that's it.
  • There's a breadcrumb trail just under the main icon bar. Normally this would just be a folder icon with the name of my project folder.
  • I can open files by clicking on directories in the breadcrumb trail, but the resulting tabs are colored yellow.
  • 'External Libraries' in the Project listing window is not expandable.
  • In 'Preferences', clicking on 'Project Interpreter' results in a right pane that itself has a left pane which says 'nothing to show'. (Note that clicking to see all of the known python interpreters results in a populated list of interpreters)

So, I went and deleted any .idea folders I could find, and reopened. No change. Then I deleted the .idea folders *again*, reopened *again*, and this time everything looks completely normal. :-o

What's going on? What does it mean when this behavior occurrs? What's the "right way" to avoid it, and to fix it when it happens?


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Looks like the project automatic configuration fails for you for some reason and leaves the project in an incompletely configured state. Could you please attach the log file (Help | Reveal Logs)?

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Hi Brian,

Not sure if you are still having the issue, but it happened to me tonight.

I fixed it by forcing PyCharm to recreate the project files. This was achieved by deleting the hidden ".idea" folder at the project root.


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