How to use keyboard shortcuts for "navigate to next found usage" + "toggle between two files"

I have looked through the appcode keymap document, but can't find how to navigate to the "next found usage" when doing a "find usages".
Crtl-Up / Ctrl-Down is used by the os for mission control.

Also, often I am editing two files and want to go back and forth between those two files, what are the keyboard shortcut for doing that?


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Hello Ole.

For "Find usages" (Option + F7) you can use "Shift + Option + Up/Down Arrows" to switch between found usages.
For "Find usages in File" (Cmd + F7) it's "Cmd + G".

To switch between recent files you can use "Switcher" command: hold Ctrl and press Tab until required file is selected, add Shift for opposite direction.
There is an alternative "Recent Files" command (Cmd + E) which opens "Recent Files" panel. Use arrows to select a file + Enter to open it.


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