Pycharm upgrade to V2.0 and compatibility

We are a team of developers using pycharm with django.

We use git vcs to keep our project, for this reason we set it up to ignore workspace.xml and task.xml under idea folder.

Now V2.0 add more files to that folder and we were wondering if some of those need to be ignored as well???

On the other hand, and for the same reason, will this cause issues among the team if some keep the older version of pycharm???

Finally, this raises the question, by not ignoring the complete idea folder, are we converting our project into an IDE specific one??

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As far as I remember, all user-specific information is still stored in workspace.xml and tasks.xml; new files can be shared. We changed the format of storing test run configurations, so if you have any such shared configurations, you won't be able to use both PyCharm 1.5.4 and 2.0 with the same project files.

Your project is not an IDE specific one, you should be able to develop it further with any other IDE or text editor.


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