Good progress, here are the issues preventing me from switching...

Hi guys, like the IDE a lot, not quite ready to switch from PyDev for the following reasons:

1.  Poor support for names that are bound at runtime:  Between flask and sqlalchemy this is a killer;  I have to disable so many false errors that the code checker isn't very useful anymore, and flask.ext/g/etc are black boxes.

2.  The multi-project single window setup is very counter intuitive.  I want separate projects, in a single window, eclipse style.  Currently, if I try to do this, the projects I add behave as part of the first project I added to the window.  This causes issues all over the place but the real showstopper for me is with git/github.

3.  The github integration still has kinks to work out.  It seems like I have to babysit the remotes and sometimes things don't quite work, forcing me to drop to command line.  I have noticed improvement in this area from the late betas and release candidate to the current version, please keep it up.  One menu, simple github forking/import, creation/pushing, etc will get me to buy, 100%.

Additionally, a big feature for a lot of developers (myself included) would be one click PyPI creation/upload.  It wouldn't be too hard to do either, packaging tools already do most of the work;  just put a GUI on it and tie everything together.

Anyhow, keep up the good work;  I hope to be able to switch soon.


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Hello Nathan,

How exactly does PyDev better support runtime-bound names than PyCharm? Note that we plan to provide specific support for Flask as well as SQLAlchemy, but I fail to see how this problem could be solved in a general way, other than not highlighting any unresolved references at all.

If you could provide any specific details about the "issues all over the place" that you've mentioned, I could certainly suggest how to deal with them or fix them in the product if need be, but right now I simply have no idea what you're talking about. One thing to note regarding the version control: please make sure that the VCS mapping under Settings | Version Control is set to <Project Root>, rather than a specific directory. (A future update of PyCharm will auto-configure the version control integration when multiple projects are opened.)

PyPI integration is going to be one of the main items on the roadmap for PyCharm 2.1.

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Hi Dmitry,

I haven't looked at the code, but it seems like they get namespace members via importing the file and reflecting in Jython.  They definitely do a much better job on stuff that is created at runtime through nonstandard means.

I see, when you import from github and open the project in a new window, it automatically creates a new project and updates the version control settings, but it does not do this for projects added to an open window.

As for weirdness, for example, I added a project to a window this morning, and I updated the project from another location, and I just did a fetch to update locally (by right clicking on the project I added this morning after making sure that the correct directory was specified for it under settings), and it fetched files for other projects in the same window.  It has done this before, once clobbering a bunch of changes I made because I tried to fetch on a library I contribute to occasionally, which I had open in the same window.  Looking at the log, I get "6:34:14 PM Invalid Git Roots: Some configured Git VCS roots are not under Git or have Git repositories in subdirectories without a configured VCS root." and it appears from looking at the configure link, PyCharm does not like that my project root has the .git directory, but my source root is a subfolder of the project root.  It has all my source roots with a line through them, which is odd because I never specified those directories for version control.

When creating a local branch, the branch label will not be visible until you create another branch, since they all appear as master.

I've had some other issues with PyDev knowing about my remotes automatically, while PyCharm wouldn't see them and would only work locally, but that was with a recent 2.0 beta and I haven't had that problem lately.

You guys are definitely making fast progress, and I really appreciate your quick response.  I will try and check out each new version :-)



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