how do I unit test a static lib?


Just getting started w/app code and I'm trying to run octest unit tests against a static lib.

I created an IOS Framework and Lib project(Cocoa Touch Static Lib)  with "Include Unit tests" checked.

I expected to be able to:
1. add a class to the static lib project
2. add a test for static lib class to "test" project
3. build and run the tests on device or simulator.

When I tried the above build errors were displayed.  I believe the build errors are telling me that the static lib is not being linked w/the test lib.

I've looked all over the project settings and I can't tell if static lib is being linked or not.

I've done the above w/xcode (had bunches of fun w/gettings categories to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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