How to use Perforce integration?

I would like to know if anyone has successfully used Perforce integration with AppCode on OS X? I am able to configure AppCode to connect to our Perforce server successfully (the test button comes up successful). However it is not clear how to use the functionality.

The issue is that even after configuring, when I try to edit a read-only file I get the "remove read-only" dialog but the only option is to use the OS (source control is grayed out). Also, clicking "edit" in the source control Perforce menu does not seem to do anything. I'm actually just looking for basic check-out functionality, ideally all I would need is:

-Automatically check out on editing a read-only file
-As a fallback, manual check out of the file

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but getting this resolved would REALLY help our workflow. Does anyone know what I could be missing?

Thank you!

Francois Bertrand


Francois, please make sure you edit your project settings and not the
template project ones. Please ensure you have at least one VCS root
set up in those settings with Perforce enabled. If you believe
everything is correct, please attach screenshots of VCS roots and
Perforce settings pages.


THANK YOU! Setting up the root folder was the missing link. I assumed that the default "<Project>" was correct. I manually added the root folderand everything works.

Thanks again,



Actually, the <Project> should work as well. Was its VCS set to Perforce? Do you use P4CONFIG or configure server/port manually?


We manually configured the server and port. That seemed to work well though (the test was successful). It seems like the folders in the project were just not being "picked up" automatically.


Have you added just one directory mapping for Perforce VCS? Is it inside the project? If you change it back to <Project>, are things bad again?


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