What is the secret to refreshing folder reference content on build?

I'm writing a project that uses Lua scripts enclosed underneath a Folder Reference, (not a normal Group...instead the blue folders), in the Project explorer.

When I do a Simulator build, AppCode does not appear to be copying my Lua code-changes out to the Simulator.

What is the secret needed to have those files located in an Xcode project's "Folder Reference"-type folders sent to the Simulator's xxx.app/ folder upon a rebuild?

A fan of AppCode,

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please open the project in Xcode make sure the Folder Reference is added to the corresponding target. We had a bug where new folders weren't added to the targets, when created from AppCode (and it has been fixed in the latest AppCode 2.0 EAP). There is also a known problem in how xcodebuild command line tool handles Folder References, see http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-2964

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Thank you. Well, yeah - my folder is "Relative to Group" and Target Membership check-box is set already with the sole project Target.

I wonder, then, how to fix this once and for all. It's more reliable in Xcode. Perhaps I will watch the fs event log (ouch, lots of data) for an Xcode edit/compile vs an AppCode edit/compile looking to see which differs after changing just one Lua in that sub-sub-sub folder. I must gather courage to look through that. :O


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