EAP mark code as red that works fine in AC 1.6.x and Xcode...

I am using Restkit in my project and this project works as it should using Xcode and AppCode 1.6.x. But when I open it in AppCode EAP (both the version form today and the previous one), AC marks all objects used from the Restkit framework as red and wants me to import a lot of different header files from RestKit..

Am I missing something or?




I had dealt with problem far too often. I have found that including restkit has been quite painful and I don't remember what I did to repeatedly fix those issues because it was always something new that broke. I do have a suggestion as to a better solution: use cocoapods. If you haven't used cocoapods, then go check out http://cocoapods.org  It's a dependency management framework. It will download and install RestKit (and other APIs you choose) and will handle all the project settings for you (it will create a workspace that will contain a separate project for all your dependencies).

I know that isn't the answer you were looking for but cocoapods becoming a de-facto standard in iOS and OSX dependency management.


No, not really the answer I was looking for... :)

I tried cocoapods but I feel I have more control setting my up my project manually... And the problem here is not Restlet, it's AppCode 2... I have no problem at all using Restlet under AppCode 1.6.x...
I have also created an issue for this in YouTrack....



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