Configuring mako template highlighting: Template languages empty

Hello all,

I'm newbie to this ide and python. Iwas reading the docs for allowing hightlighting code for mako templates, but when I go to the template languages I don't find any installed with "nothing to show" message.

In fact, when I try to open a mako template pycharm treat it as a txt file and no mako file type defined in "Settings\File Types"

Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Using pycharm 2.0.1 in ubuntu 11.10.



The template language is actually selected in the "Template language" combobox, which is never empty. If your templates have a .mako extension, you need to map this extension to HTML file type in Settings | File Types.


I have the combobox empty. Pehaps something in the installation have gone awfull...I'll reinstall another time and this time in the mac.


Ah, now it's done.

Thanks for the tip.


What if the templates have a .mak extension? Is there a way to configure PyCharm to recognize and highlight them as Mako templates?


Yes. Map this extension to the HTML file type in Settings | File Types.


Thanks - it was unclear that the File type to modify should be HTML (although it makes sense). A mention of it in the docs would be wonderful.



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