Easy import of XCode 4's Code Editor Theme?

The only thing that's been stopping me from switching over to AppCode is the lack of an easy / elegant way to get all of the IDE Color / Font settings to match in AppCode to those already changed in XCode.

Surely it's not beyond imagination for JetBrains to have an 'import XCode Theme' facility? Esp, as to customize by hand would take hours.

So, until the 'brains' at JetBrains decided to agree, is there any other 'easy' way to do this? i.e. hacking a file, copy/paste XML etc.. ?

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It is not possible to convert/import Xcode color schemes currently, here is a feature request: OC-2619

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Dammit Jim... I'm a coder, not an artist! ;)

Oh well, I was hoping that after a year+ of waiting for this feature, or at least changing their current IDE preferences setup for something more elegant would have yeilded better results than just 'keep waiting'.

Back to XCode then...


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