Is there a way to exclude a particular directory from Find in Path results?

We have a coverage directory in the same directory tree where all the code sits.  It'd be awesome when I do a Find in Path if I could somehow tell (permanently would be nice) to exclude this one directory.  Is there any way to do that?  You guys are awesome, thanks!

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I realized how to do this.  What I really should be using in the Find in Path dialog is the "Custom" scope rather than the "Directory" scope.  By taking a few minutes to define my custom scope (including the ability to exclude certain directories where unit test coverage is put), I now get exactly the search results I want.

I also like this approach because the Directory Scope defaults to the directory where the file you're currently editing resides.  This wasn't usually what I wanted - I wanted to search from the top of the project code directory structure.  But once again, using the custom scope allows this.

So custom scope FTW.  Thanks guys.


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