How do I stay in edit/typing mode (w/IdeaVim) and type an end bracket w/o getting another set of brackets?

I'm using AppCode 1.6.4 with the IdeaVim plugin.  It feels mostly nicer than Xcode except for typing end brackets.  If I begin typing a message send like this (^ shows the caret position).

[NSFileHandle fileHandleForReadingAtPath:filePath^]

the moment I type end bracket ']' instead of the caret hopping to the right-side of the bracket, the app inserts a new set of brackets around my argument like this:

[NSFileHandle fileHandleForReadingAtPath:[filePath ^]]

How do I get the caret to the other side of the end bracket without leaving edit/typing mode in Vim?



unfortunatelly, it is not possible to disable bracke auto-inserting at the moment; and frankly speaking we haven't considered interaction with Vim.
Here is a corresponding request:OC-4038, please leave a comment about your case.


Thank you, Anton.  I've thrown my 5¢ into the jar on that YouTrack ticket.  Like I said in that ticket, it would make sense to not auto-add a new set of brackets [...] on hitting the right-bracket ']' key, only on the left-bracket '[' key.  The right-bracket should be treated like other delimiter/brace completions (...) and {...}.

It seems like sometimes I can use the right-arrow key to stay in edit/typing mode and move the caret to the other side of the right-bracket.  But it doesn't seem to work all the time, so I don't feel like my question is fully answered yet.



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