Problems running PyCharm with JDK7

I installed PyCharm on Ubuntu 11.10 and upgraded from the OpenJDK to the latest official Oracle JDK (version 7). But two things are happening: (1) I'm now getting the little warning message at the bottom telling me that I'm running OpenJDK (even though I'm not -- I checked and JDK7 is the default runtime) and (2) PyCharm is running worse than before -- opens *very* slowly, unstable, and sometimes becomes unresponsive, even freezing my whole system. Is it just that PyCharm isn't compatible with the JDK7 runtime? I know it's not tested on beta versions, but JDK7 is now an official release.

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As of right now, the recommended JDK for running PyCharm is Oracle JDK 1.6.0_30. It allows to achieve the maximum stability and performance under Linux.


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