Pycharm 2.0.2 remote debugger fails to suspend correctly and skips breakpoints and workaround

I am running Pycharm 2.0.2 and Pycharm 1.5.4 on an Ubuntu 10.10 desktop.

When running Pycharm 1.5.4 and performing remote debugging, the debugger suspends correctly at the right line and breakpoints work fine:


Notice how the debugger stops on the right line when suspend=True.  But I didn't like the corrupted debugger tabs I kept having with Pycharm 1.5, so I decide to try out the latest Pycharm 2.0.2.  But with the same code and Pycharm 2.0.2, the debugger misbehaves and suspends on a line inside a function called "getInstallType" the next line down from the print "JACK JACK JACK" statement (see stacktrace/Frames above):


Notice that the corrupted tabs are now fixed in Pycharm 2.0.2.  :)

Putting breakpoints on the print statement doesn't work and anywhere else in the code.  If it goes thru that same code path again, then it will stop on a breakpoint.

For me, this makes the debugger unusable and useless most of the time.

However, to continue using Pycharm 2.0.2 with proper debugging, I was able to workaround this problem by using the pycharm-debug.egg from Pycharm 1.5.4.  However, I suspect this may not be supported by the Pycharm team and I'm not sure what problems I might encounter later as a result of this workaround.

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Hi Jack,

it is definitely a bug. I've created an issue



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