Trouble with existing Django project

I've just installed a 30-day trial of PyCharm, and am experiencing an issue with getting started.

My project structure looks like this:


     {Work is a virtualenv}












'project' and 'app' mean django projects and apps.

The error I'm experiencing looks like this:

1. I select 'Open Directory' from the menu. I open the project1 directory. This directly has and, but doesn't have any of my apps. This completely prevents me from developing on the project - dead end. (I can see the app directories in the dropdown when I click on the project1 section of the path near the top of the window, so it knows they exist.)


2. I select 'Open Directory' from the menu. I open the Work directory. All of the subdirectories show up correctly, and all of the projects have their app directories. But since this is more than just a single django app, it can't figure out where to find my code and gives lots of warnings about files and libraries not existing.

Neither of these are good options for me. Can someone help me figure out why it's missing my app directories?

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Hello Emily,

Your project configuration int the project1 directory got corrupted. Deleting the .idea subdirectory in it and using Open Directory again should bring things back into working order.


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