PyCharm won't boot [ java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError ]


My mac won't boot PyCharm no more, I dearly miss it...

When I launch it, a

<<<java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Error when looking up function "objc_getClass": dlsym: 0x10ec3b470, objc_getClass): symbol not found>>>

error is reported, and PyCharm is trapped in a loop while filling up the logs very rapidly.

I've thrashed the ~/Library/Caches/PyCharm20 and even reset the preferences [ after backing up of course ], but to no avail.

[ Perhaps some file might have been corrupted ]

Reinstalling the binaries helped neither, so I'm running out of ideas...

I you have any others or even better a fix, I' love to hear it.

Attached is the output of running PyCharm/bin/, that might help to narrow down the issue.



An issue has been reported over here...

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I think this problem started after testing the current 2.1EAP.

I can't boot Pycharm 1.54, 2.02 nor 2.1EPA nor Intellij... :-(

Nor does google offers any consolence in this matter.

I've done sanity checks [ shell variables, cleared cached / preferences ], none of these things helps.

So any hints would be duly appreciated since I miss my IDE dearly...




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