Appcode: Open multiple editor windows or frames with same project?

I've never found tabs a replacement for seeing code side by side.  Currently I have my AppCode arranged as a 2x2 grid of editors, which get smushed whenever information pops up on the bottom of the frame.  However, I often use two monitors, and it'd be really nice to display more code windows in the second monitor.  Stretching one frame over two monitors isn't a good idea, because (1) they're not the same resolution, and (2) the dialogs that pop up on the bottom would then stretch across and smush all the windows.

I am currently doing what I saw recommended online - use XCode at the same time, simply as an editor that supports multiple windows.  But this is the definition of hacky, and you lose the symbolic searching.

It seems like technically it shouldn't be hard for AppCode to support multiple (actual) windows, and it clearly supports multiple frames for multiple projects.  Is there a way to get multiple windows or frames for the same project?

Thanks so much,
- Jeff Diamond

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Yes, you can drag any editor outside of the main project's frame.
Here is the doc:

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Anton, Thank you so much!  This makes AppCode so much more powerful.  Also, thanks for pointing out the online documentation - I definitely need to go over that. ;)


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