Completely lost and need help; trying to set up a blank workspace, then creating several .dylib projects and one Command Line project that uses them.

Hello all,

my goal is to create a blank workspace in AppCode, then create a number of C++ dynamic library objects, and eventually one command line console that uses them -- once this is working, of course, it's a simple matter (I hope) to just create other projects that simply reference the .dylib files.

However, I can't even find a choice to create a blank workspace in AppCode.  I figured that I would have to make the blank workspace in XCode and add the projects later.  Fine.  But when I fire up AppCode and try creating a new C++ Library project, and add a couple source files to test, building the project doesn't "do" anything.  It says the build is completed but the fileName.dylib file in the explorer is still red, the option to reveal in finder does not exist, and when I try and edit the build configurations, it shows "Not selected" as grayed out in the "Executable: " option.. and I can't figure out for the life of me how to work this.

I am not a very smart man when it comes to this stuff.. I can handle programming in the C++ language just fine but the subtleties of setting up the equivalent of "Command Line project + .DLL projects" that I would do in Visual Studio with consummate ease.. completely lost on me here.

Can anyone explain this process to me in the language they would use to explain it to a complete neophyte?

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currently, it is not possble to create a workspace and add projects in in with AppCode, please use Xcode for initial setup.
Here are some relates requests:

As for the red fileName.dylib - it is caused by the incorrecly generated library's product file name. We'll fix this problem by the next update.
If you set up the projects in Xcode, they the file should be correctly updated.


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