Reloading virtualenv


It seems like the "Reload" button to refresh a python interpreter (and its corresponding virtualenv) has disappeared from the preferences in version 2.5 EAP. This was really useful to reload packages installed manually from outside Pycharm.

Is that an oversight, or I missing something?

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The button has been moved to the "Paths" tab.


Thank you for the tip. Just a comment: I think from from a user's perpective the previous location for that button made more sense. To me the user thinks more in terms of "refreshing the virtualenv" than "refreshing the virtualenv's paths".

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i don't see it there either.

interpreter paths:

project paths:

For the amount of time and cpu power indexing and skeleton generation is taking, you'd hope that imports would resolve correctly, and quickly.

I'll note that this is a vagrant project.  Clearing cache and restarting seems to (sometimes?) help resolve new references, but does not appear to clear out old invalid modules.  Autocomplete seems to continue to suggest anything it has ever seen unless i start blowing away directories in ~/.Pycharm....


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