exit code -1073741819

Hi community,

I need your help.

For a while now, I am using PyCharm 2.0.x.. on a windows machine.

We have a project running under subversion server (version 1.6.)

I can check out a project and run it without any complications.

But once I stop a running script, it is not possible anymore to run any of other modules in the same project folder.

I am always receiving the error message Process finished with exit code -1073741819.

And I have no clue how to handle/repair it or get rid of the message.

Thanks for any responses,


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Hi, in addition we are using Qt for GUIs.

It seems to be a windows and memory access related problem.

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Unfortunately we have no clue either. This seems to be a problem specific to your project, not to PyCharm.

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we are using h5 files to save huge amount of data.

We realized that some of these files created with python were corrupted due to

very strange reasons.

These led to a windows related error which was of course outside of PyCharm.

Let me say, that PyCharm could realize an error outside of it, eclipse could not do.. ;-)

best regards.

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Using more then two monitors not in duplicate mode may cause your problem. Because that give me the exit code -1073741819, which do not shows when using only one monitor. 



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