What does "Synchronize" actually do and why there isn't an option to run "hg update"?

To me it seems that the "Synchronize <repository name>" option does not actually run "hg update" in the background when using mercurial. How do I do this?

Also an option to  "pull and update" would be nice addition...


<< Kimmo

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"Synchronize" is not a VCS operation at all. It reloads the changed files from the file system.

To update your project from Mercurial, use VCS | Update Project or the corresponding toolbar button.

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Dmitry Jemerov,

But I found that if any file is changed outside of the PyCharm, PyCharm could automatically update the changed files in its editor window without any user' interaction.

This is a perfect feature in PyCharm, but if so, what's the value of "action of Synchronize" in PyCharm's menu? I propose to remove it. Being simple is the most complex task.




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