Finding files in the filesystem but not in the project

Sometimes I have resource files (media file, xibs, etc) that are in the file system but haven't been added to the project. The only way to find these things is at run time.

If I flip the Project view over to Files mode in AppCode, I can see these items grayed but I can't find a way to add them to the project directly from here.

It would be handy to have an inspection that looked for all files not in the project and provided a way to add them to the project in bulk.

I'm posting this here first in case this is already handled in the app and I just missed it. If not, I'll post an issue.

Willis Morse

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Willis, to add the file from Files view, simply right click on them and chose 'Add to Xcode project...'
And here is a request for the specific scope:

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Wow, I swear that menu item wasn't there when I looked. But there it is now. Sorry about that.


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