Ruby plugin for Pycharm?

When I tried to install the Ruby plugin it failed on a dependency of YAML.

It appears there is no plugin for YAML with PyCharm?

I'm using a licensed PyCharm 2.5

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The Ruby plugin is not compatible with PyCharm. If you need to develop Ruby and Python applications in the same environment, you need to use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and to install the Ruby and Python plugins from the plugin manager.

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I only want syntax highlight for puppet which is mainly developed in ruby syntax.

Maybe I just need to associate *.pp and create some custom color syntax for it but I don't know how.

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I also need the ruby plugin; not for puppet but instead for chef scripts (so i guess business case is similar). I know it's available for IDEA so i guess ..... developement teams..... why don't we take that and make it fit for pycharm? I don;t need it for debugging or any advanced stuff, just need the text highlighting to get the first dump mistakes out...




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