kobold2d projects are woefully slow


I use kobold2d, which wraps cocos2d into a stadnard build that's easy to use.

When I use it with appcode, my projects are so slow. Prohibitiveley slow. It takes forever for code colouring to appear, if I finish typing a line, the squiggly red lines under certain words, or after the last semicolon can take up to 15 second to dissapear. This really effects my code rythm.

My other projects are cocoa projects, and appcode is glorious in those, on my mid 2009 macbook pro 15".

Is there anything I can do? I already deleted a bunch of targets from the kobold project. Should I also delete the source files for anything I'm not using? Would that help?

In case you are not familiar with it the project is here : http://www.kobold2d.com/

A lot of people will be increasingly using this framework as time progresses, so any information you give me, I'll feed into their forums (along with my usual evangelism that I end up doing ;)



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George, as usual, if you create an issues and attach a CPU snapshot (www.jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/1087) we'll be able to quickly fix the problem.
Please do this and we'll provide a build for you to test in the issue.

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Thanks Anton,

I actually thought I'd deleted this post?

I came to the conclusion that the problem has nothing to do with appcode, and has everything to do with kobold, which I've stopped using.. bloaty..


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