Maintain session and global variable after execution

I'm using the the IDEA python plugin but I suspect this will be similar to pycharm:

After I've executed a script using the 'run' or 'debug' button. I'd like to keep that session 'live' so that I can

a) perform additional anlysis on it and inspect the global variables in the tree table much like how I would during a debug session.

b) run chunks of code by highlighting chunks of code and ctrl-shift-e or alt-F8 which will modify the state of the session.

how can I do this?

As an aside:

how do I inspect my global variables in the IDE's tree table when running a session opened with 'ctrl-shift-e'

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There is not currently any special support for this. You can put a breakpoint on the last line on your script and when it stops there, press the "Debug Console" button to show the console where you can perform the actions interactively.

You can view the global variables in the Watches view.


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