filesets - opening a set of related documents

Is there a feature like this?

often times I find I want to open maybe 4 or 5 files together when working on an area or refactoring.. i.e. the view controller, a custom view, a model object, maybe some help class, perhaps some protocol or related view controller.

Is there a feature whereby I can create sets of files (i.e. "project manager files", "channel browser files") and instantly open that set of files?

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No, currently there is no such a feature.

There are similar request; this one is about displaying vew-controller-related files in Project View:
And this one (not so related) - about scopes suport in Project View:

I believe, with correct grouping in Project View, you won't need to assign such groups manually. The quiestion is how to better group them.
What do you think? Feel free to comment on either of the issues or file your own.


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