How do I clear SVN cache.

I'm having trouble with the latest EAP and Subversion. I've read a lot of posts suggesting clearing the svn cache, however I can't find the option to do it.



I found the option I needed under preferences for AppCode.

Unfortunately it doesn't help. All operations with subversion basically start and never return. Even simple operations such as comparing a file. Everything works fine with Cornerstone. Any suggestions?

Some more details:

I'm running Mountain Lion. Fresh install on new Mac Book Pro, (added SSD so had to reinstall Mountain Lion).
We're using subversion 1.6.6.

AppCode seemed to be running fine with 120.293, subversion became 'non-responsive' after upgrading to 121.35.
Tried uninstalling AppCode 121.35 as well as removing cache and preferences directories and then installing 121.35, still experienced the issues with subversion.

Uninstalled AppCode 121.35 again, installed 1.5.7 and subversion is working as expected. Will try using 120.293.

Submitted bug: OC-4980


I am having this same issue with the latest EAP, and several of my other developers running the same release are as well.


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