Kudos to you guys.

I just typed Shift+Cmd+Enter while inside the conditional of an if() statement wondering whether I'd end up with a ';' and got a nicely formatted pair of braces. It made me smile enough to want to come write to you here.

It's the combination of a lot of small, intelligent, touches like this that make AppCode so much more of a productive environment than Xcode.

It's only unfortunate that this seems so hard to explain to people.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for sharing this, Matt!
Have you already discovered yet another cool feature - Surround With (Cmd+Alt+T)?

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Which if you add with live templates become the MOF'''g BOMB!!

here's one of my favourites for converting a string into string with format..
[NSString stringWithFormat:$SELECTION$,$REST$]$END$

select a string, apple alt t, then press s.. BOOM!  :D

We should have a space where people can share their favourite live templates.

It'd be great to be able to export/import them too.

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How about this:
Simply hit Alt+Enter on a string and AppCode will offer to wrap it with stringWithFormat call.

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Appcode is like a nintendo game. That is about the highest praise I can give anything.


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