Why can't I see whole items of live template?


  Following is a content of Live Templates.

It has fifteen items in Objective-C group.
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 2.53.33.png

But when I call the live templates feature by pressing cmd + j, I can see only nine items.
How must do I to see whole items?
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 2.55.08.png

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Image was distorted..

Please click the image and see.

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It is because some of the templates have specific context, e.g. prop-family templates are only available in context of class interface.
log, each and other templates are available in context of statements.

You can see it under the templates' body - 'Applicable in...' text.

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Thanks Anton.

But additional question has been occured.

I made a snippet code, and adding it to live templates. content of template text is LSLog("TEST");

I specified a abbreviation to 'atest'.

When I wrote 'atest' in editor, I could find a item of 'atest' in autopopup.

But when I changed a abbreviation from 'atest' to 'ztest' and wrote 'ztest' in editor, 'ztest item was not revealed.

Why does work like this?

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This is, probably, because of incorrect context.
Can you please show the screenshot ot the ztest template's settings?

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This is screen shots.

Click following images.
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.33.31.png
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.37.31.png

스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.34.16.png

Next, change to 'atest' image.
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.40.13.png
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.44.23.png
스크린샷 2012-07-27 오전 5.40.30.png

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Lim, this behavior is intentional.
When you see the template in the completion, it is only to tell you, that 'Tab' in this context will behave differently - it will not insetr the selected item in the list, but, rather, the live template.
So, simply type 'ztest' and press TAB tp expand the template, or to see the full list of templates, press Cmd+J.

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I will use the way which type a abbreviation name and press 'TAB'.

It seems nice feature.

Anton, have a nice day!


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