How to make PyCharm stop button to kill remote Python interpreter process?

I have a project where I've set the PyCharm synchronize code automatically to remote testing machine with ssh. Additionally I have configured a remote Python interpreter from that machine to PyCharm project.

I can run and debug python files remotely using this remote interpreter, but when pressing stop button, PyCharm just disconnects from the running process and leaves the remote process/python intrepreter running on the remote machine. In my case this process reserves a TCP port so restarting from IDE fails until I manually kill this "ghost" process using separate shell. This gets really annoying, really fast ;-)

Is there any way I can force PyCharm to actually kill the remote python process when pressing the stop button in IDE?

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PyCharm actually should kill a remote process. If it doesn't then that is a result of a bug. So please create an issue at where describe your remote host configuration (OS and openssh version) and your project (Does it summons other processes, does it handles any os signals itself). The best way to fix that is to send your project or if it is not possible due to NDA any minimal subset of the project which reproduces the problem.


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