inconsolata and mac osx lion 10.7.4, PyCharm 2.5.2


got an odd problem that I cannot seem to solve.

PyCharm comes with the inconsolata font built in, i use this all the time, I then install the font into the system's font library to use in other apps, like terminal etc. Now, when you load PyCharm after this and load Preferences, IDE Settings, Colors & Fonts, Fonts, then show the Select New Font Dialog, fonts are scanned, you see a progress bar here, then the inconsolata font is displayed with wide spaces and in some instances each letter is represented as a square containing the letter A. Removing the system font, reload PyCharm and its back to normal.

I am at a loss with this, any ideas or tips would be gratefully received, or is there a way to stop PyCharm using system fonts ? or is this a bug, if so i can raise a bug report.



system font removed.png
system font installed.png
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You can disable loading the system fonts by appending "ide.register.bundled.fonts=false" to your /Applications/ file.


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