Warnings when using OCMockito

Hi all,

First of all - appcode is *spectacular*. can never go back to appcode. *Thank you*! Using it for my project (http://www.cyclema.ps).

I'm using OCMockito and OCHamcrest for testing, which I find much saner than sentestcases. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of littering my code with appcode inspection warnings when I use mocks, for of the type:

"interface 'MTKObjectMock' is not a successor of 'MyClass'" or
"interface 'MTKProtocolMock' does not implement protocol 'MyProtocol"

Any chance I could configure the inspections to ignore these classes?



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Thanks for the positive words, Stefanos!
Yes, we can handle such cases - please create a request here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/OC#newissue=yes, ideally, with a sample project.


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