cannot set django support / manage script

I am testing out pycharm 2.5.2.

I run django in a virtualenv environment

I changed the intepreter to use the one inside my venv

Now I need to "run" the django app. I go into "django support " and change "manage script" to the '' in my venv bin directory.

I can apply the changes, but:

1) when I return to the dialog, it is now empty and I get the same "need to set manage script" error

2) if I just run the django app using "run", it will run the following:

/...../bin/python runserver 8000

i.e. it always use the name "" as the script,and I want it to use which I set but won't stick in the django support dialog.

What is going on?



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Hi PK Shiu,

I've created an issue in our bug tracker for this problem --

Please, feel free to vote it and get notified once it is fixed.

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Thanks Catherine!


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