Problems with buildout paths in test runner

Hey, since upgrading to PyCharm 2.5 I'm having a very hard to debug problem with using PyCharm's test runner on our Buildout managed Django application.

The application has the following structure:

Project folder

... bin

... develop-eggs

... parts

... lectures [Django project]

... ...

... ...

... ... [Other modules]

The project settings have "buildout support" ticked and "bin/django" script set as path script, and "django support" has "project folder/lectures" set as project root with and within that project set as settings/manage scripts. Running the project works perfectly (with and without debug support), however there is a problem running the tests.

1.) Running tests in console with "bin/django test" works without a hitch

2.) Running tests within PyCharm with default Run/Debug configuration fails with several ImportErrors (missing being within them).

My debug efforts until now have shown that when using the internal PyCharm test runner, the buildout script paths aren't set resulting in ImportErrors for all missing EGG libraries within "Project folder/parts" folder. This was not the case in PyCharm 2.4 (as I remember), however I can reproduce this problem in all 2.5.x versions.

The platform I'm running PyCharm on is Linux x64 with Oracle Java 1.7.0_05.

Is this a PyCharm bug, or am I missing something? What are the steps I can take to debug and/or fix this problem?

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