Is there any PyCharm debug library that can connect a PyCharm while runing from a command line (wingdbstub like) ?

Basically I need some thing similar to the wingdbstub library if some one is familiar ?

The idea is to run in many command shell in the lab and then once a failure raise the program will inteactively break and asq if the user would like to debug and if so he only need to open PyCharm on that machine and I can direct it to a PyCharm debugger and put breakeponts.

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Hi Dotan!

You can use remote debug feature (see and

If you need to connect  already running code to debugger you can use Pyrasite for that - just inject settrace invocation to a running process and it will connect to PyCharm.

If you find connecting debugger to already launched process a usefull scenario - please submit an issue to


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