How do I speed up build times with AppCode?

I have a project with 5 frameworks that are embedded within my project as Xcode project files.

I'm not changing anything in the frameworks. This appears to be the recommended way of installing frameworks nowadays.

The problem is that whenever I do a build to run my tests, AppCode builds all the other frameworks.

Within Xcode, I can manage schemes and untick the "Find Implicit Dependencies" check box in my target. This results in lightening fast build times because it only needs to build the changes in my code.

However, there doesn't seem to be any such option within AppCode.

My tests only take a couple of seconds to run, but every time I run my tests there's a 4-7 second lag whilst it links, finds dependencies, and builds, even if I've not changed any lines of code. Is there any way of reducing or eliminating this delay? It would hugely speed up my workflow.

Thanks so much for an amazing product. It's saved me so much time!

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John, there is no such an option in appcode yet,
please file a request here:

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Thanks! I'm assuming there's no weird hack I can cobble together myself that does the same thing...

Would it help build times if I were to build each framework then link the binary to my project instead?

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I guess so, In case of milti-project workspace or linked projects, xcodebuild utility (which AppCode uses to build) looks for target dependencies and implicit dependencies and builds them if they are in the workspace.


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