PyCharm 2.6 performance/cpu issues (up to 121.141)

I've been having performance issues with all of the pycharm 2.6 eap releases. While working pycharm will use 200-300% of the cpu for no apparent reason, and after about a days worth of using pycharm it will start freezing for 10-30 seconds before responding again.

I'd like to file a bug report, but "sometimes it freezes and it uses lots of cpu" isn't very helpful so I come to the forums instead.

Is anyone else having these issues? Does anyone know what is causing them? I don't know what I'd do if I had to use a different IDE.
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If PyCharm hangs for more than 5 seconds, it automatically writes thread dumps to the logs directory (Help | Reveal Logs). If you could submit these thread dumps as a YouTrack issue, this would be very helpful.

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