Sdk 'iphoneos' not found

I have just installed Mac OS Lion, AppCode 1.5.2, XCode 4.3.2
Issue is - I Can't run my projects. All libraries in Frameworks directory are red.
Please, give me an advice what to configure in AppCode?
Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 10.36.41 AM.png


I have fixed issue by run command line:
sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/


Thank you.  This solution helped me too.


Works for me too! Thanks!
And as a supplement, after you run the command,  RESTART AppCode to make things right.


The solution is not working anymore

xcode-select: error: invalid developer directory '/Applications/'



Do you have Xcode installed at that path, i.e. '/Applications/'?

If you have problems with running xcode-select in terminal, try setting correct path via Xcode UI (Preferences | Locations | Command Line Tools)


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