tab close order on apple W


I have 5 documents open doc1..5.h
if I am in doc1, then tab to doc2, then doc3. I press APPLE tab to close the window.

I expect to go back to doc2, but I don't - I go somehwere random..

Is there anyway to make it go back to the previously edited tab when I press apple W.

Other than that my workflow is soooo good that I could cry.



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When you close a tab, by default AppCode opens the next tab on the right.
You can configure the bahavior Preferences->Editor->Editor Tabs.

Anton Makeev

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AH man - thanks - that is my only gripe with the current verison..

well xcode crashes constantly - but I presume that is apple not playing nice with you guys :)

are they going to buy you guys, or what? I find it laughable how bad xcode is, and incredible good appcode is.. something has to give.


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