i used the "pin program to taskbar" in windows for pycharm ... then i updated pycharm, and it looks like pycharm installs into a new directory, so that both old and new versions are still available:

1) Can I delete the old version which was not cleaned up without any issues?
2) you should note that the old shortcut pinned to the taskbar stays in windows even after update, but still points to the old version .. so i kept opening pycharm, it kept telling me there was an update, i kept downloading and installing it, and wondering why it was not updating .. it was only because the shortcut still pointed to the old version .. you should clean up the old shortcuts when updating to remove this confusion
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If you use the patch update to upgrade PyCharm (that is, you don't download a complete installer), it should update in place and the icon should remain valid for the new version. If you download a complete installer, it installs into a new directory by default, and you can delete the old version after you install the new one.

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