pycharm is great

i havent used an IDE for years .. i started on CodeWarrior for Java when it first came out (circa 1997) .. eventually used some eclipse and other things, TI has some tools, and I have been using IAR tools (i dont only do web stuff) ... but since i have gotten into more python and web stuff recently, i just got used to textpad, filezilla, and a bunch of other crap all kludged together .. i met a guy who works for the nerdery, and he said "you probably just havent met the right IDE, try Pycharm" .. i f'ing love pycharm .. i have been programming for over 15 years, and this is definitely the nicest IDE i have ever used .. i love it .. it rocks, you rock .. you guys need one for general C++ development with gcc, that would be awesome . at least a nice lite version ... anyway, love it .. will surely be using this for many years to come, since i dont switch often ... goodbye textpad, we had a long and happy relationship together, but i have moved on

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