Alt, Mutli shortcut and copying like Emacs

Hello I have three problems with AppCode

  1. When I try to set shortcat with ALT in the keymap editor (inside AppCode) it's does nothink. Alt + f (\M-f) is stanadart shortcut in Emacs for skip to next word. I can set shortcat Ctr  + f and Cmd + f, but I couldn't set ALT + f the shortcut editor ignore any combination with ALT as I didn't press anythink.
  2. Have the AppCode support for mutli short cut like Emacs or Eclipse? On example "Ctrl + X Ctrl + S" (\C-x\C-s) instead of simple Ctrl + S for save action. It's easy to memorize the short cut, whena I can add shortcut prefix. On example Ctrl + b is for back, but "Ctrl + j b" can be use for skip to bookmark. etc.
  3. Can I copy in AppCode same way as in WordStart or Emacs? I place mark then I go to place where is end of block and pres short cut for copy: \C-space (for set start of block) \M-w (Alt+W) for copy the block. \C-y to place the copied text anywhere. It's much easier for me to use normal navigation short cut for definig blok for copy, then use speical "slect-only" shortcuts.
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1. There is now a built-in Emacs keymap in AppCode 1.5.3, so you don't need to manually create it.
And, anyway, we have rechecked - setting Alt+F works correctly, please try the 1.5.3 update and see if the problem remains.

2. Yes, it does. See the 'second stroke' option in the shorcut dialog.

3. Can you please explain what you mean with an example?

Anton Makeev

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Thank you for replaing.

The third point. I try to describe it more clearly. In emacs you will copy by setting mark point, and coppy everithink between current location and mark point. Whe you want copy somethink you must do this steps:

  1. Go to postition from you want to copy
  2. Set mark - (controll + space)
  3. Move cursor at the end of block
  4. Copy whole text from mark (alt + w)

You can use normal navigation short cut for steps 1. and 3.  Navigation shortcut: left, ritght, up, down, page-up, page-down, alt + f (skip to next world), go to next block etc. During you move cursor to next position, you didn't see the "blue select backgroud", but when you are at the end position you press ALT + W and whole text from markig point is copied.

The main point it's in the way how to lect the copied text.

  • The common way is to hold the SHIFT and selecting by mouse, or by currsor keys. (or if you have special select combo for whole block etc.)
  • The world start or Emacs way, is to set mark point, and copy all text between current position and mark point.

Note: In the Eclipse you can use both way how to select text for copiing. In the Netbeans you can use only the first way. In AppCode or InteliJ Idea you can use the first way, but I can't find if I can use the second way too.

Btw. in XCode, you can use the second way only for CUT, not for COPY. If you want use the second way for copy in XCode, you must use ones more shortcat for "select from mark", there isn't directly shortcut which can "select from mark and copy in one".

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there is such a functionality in AppCode 1.5.3,
please see


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