No Debugger Message On Fault?

I just got my 30-day demo, kicking it around on the app I'm working on.  So far, liking it(hard not to improve over Xcode really).  

However, spun up the debugger and it stopped on a line but didn't tell me why.  No breakpoint was set there.   Close examination of the code and the state of the frame, the reason was pretty obvious why, 'divide-by-zero' but there was no message informing me of such.  As an experiment I added an [ NSException raise ...] just before the offending line.  it stops in objc_exception_throw(as expected), but still no message saying why(probably SIGABRT).  

Am I missing something?  A Window or pane that isn't present?   Poked through the interface, and the LLDB prompt, but nothing describing the fault jumps out.

Code to the right of the blue highlighted line has a correctCount/totalAnswers where total answers=0 (yeah, I'm fixing that now)

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 8.37.16 PM.png
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currently AppCode doesn't show the reason when it stops on a signal/breakpoint.
We'll improve it in the next updates; please follow and vote for
Feel free to leave your suggestions there.

Anton Makeev


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