Xcode version: unknown (4D502)

Hi i'm having a problem with testing APPCode i have Xcode Version 4.3.2 (4E2002) and i get the above if i look in de setting for XCode in AppCode
I had two versions of XCode installed before i installed AppCode i've removed the 4.2.x version and copied the Xcode.app to the /Developer directory
What must i do to correct so AppCode sees my install of XCode correct

Thx Andre

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you have two options:
* put Xcode.app into Application folder and delete /Developer dir - AppCode will find Xcode automatically
* use xcode-select tool, e.g - 'sudo xcode-select -switch "/Applications/Xcode 4.3.app/Contents/Developer"' - it will tell AppCode where to find the desired Xcode if you have several of them installed, or it is placed in a non-default location.

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Thx that sudo command did it.

Greetings Andre


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