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Hi fellow pythoners!

When I'm coding I like to, at times, scroll the editor window up and down to check on some function or class definition, then go back to editing my code. But when I do this in PyCharm the caret (or insertion point) changes position so as to always stay within the bounds of the editor window, making me loose my editing point when I go back to where I was. Is this a feature of the IDE that I can turn on or off? Or is it a bug?


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If you use navigation actions to navigate through your file, then you can invoke Navigate -> Back and Navigate -> Forward actions to go back and forth.

With navigation actions you can quickly jump to a particular class or function: the Navigate -> Class or Navigate -> Symbol actions, the file structure tool window (View -> Tool Windows -> Structure) or the file structure pop-up (Navigate -> File Structure). Note that all these actions have keyboard shortcuts.

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