Is it possible to automatically declare a method into header file(.h) in appCode?

I have using appCode trial version.
I want to automatically be declared a method into heder file by  appCode's some feature, when I write a method in @implementation file.
ex) I write a method in @implementation file.

@implementation myClass
- (void)testMethod{

automatically declare a method into @interface file.

@interface myClass
- (void)testMethod;  <== automatically insert.

How to automatically declare method into header file by appcode's feature?

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Yes, simply press Alt+Enter in the method:

Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 15.32.56 .png

It works both, from interface and from implementation.
There are lots of other places, where you can use such 'Intentions' - you can spot them by the little yellow bulb, as on the screenshot.
Also try pressing 'Alt+Enter' in various ocasions, to see available options:
Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 15.37.29 .png

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Anton, Thanks for your answer.


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