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Good Day

I just started evaluating Appcode after using PHPStorm for my development.

I have one major problem with AppCode which is the placement of the cursor.

Whereever I click with the mouse the cursor stays there, in XCode, the cursor always jumps to the correctl location, no matter where i click on a line, whereas AppCode always just stays at the exact location I clicked on.

Is this a bug or intended behavior? And can i switch it to a more XCode like behavior?

Thank you for any help regarding this issue...

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this is the intended behavor, indeed.
You can switch it off with Preferences->Allow placement of caret after the end of line'.
We recommend to try to get used to it, though, - you'll probably find it more productive: there are so-called 'Smart Keys', e.g. 'home' and 'end' that are very convenient together with placing the caret after the end of the line.

Anton Makeev

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Thank you!

That was exactly it.

Maybe I will try to play around with this option later on, thank you for the hint!


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